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Carter Rabasa - Organizer of Cascadia.js & Founder of FizBuz

Listen in as Carter Rabasa discusses the genesis of Cascadia.js, life as in Devrel, and the positive impact of empathy.

Jad Meouchy - BadVR Co-Founder

Jad Meouchy goes from 0 - 200 miles per hour in this episode about hiring junior devs over seniors, the necessity to think on your feet, and that the interview process lasts longer than you think.

Brandon Harvey - Director of Software Engineering

Brandon Harvey talks through his career of personal development, personal accountability, and aligning yourself with the right company.

Ben Wilhelm - Bootcamp Graduate Mentor

Listen in on the discussions of Ben Wilhelm and David Guttman as they traverse the options an early-stage engineer, point out positive and negative learning patterns, and talk about career direction.

Chris Ferdinandi - Web Developer & Author

Listen along with Chris and I as we discuss the pros and cons of the networking process, the benefits of working from home, and how people can transition from one career to web development.

Thomas Wadsworth - Product Management

Thomas and I discuss the relationship between product and engineering, importance of communication, and the role of company core values.

Eric Gradman - CTO, Inventor, Artist

Eric and I discuss side projects, being a generalist, and the value of adaptability and learning quickly.

Andy Burke - Fintech CTO

Andy Burke and I take a trip through FinTech, the state of the game industry, and discuss how a Junior Dev can utilize their state of mind to make an interview work for them.

Ben Junya - Lead Front-End Engineer

Ben and I discuss being a creator, communication skills, and the importance of constructive disagreements.

Angus Perkerson - Senior Software Engineer at REX

Angus and I discuss career development, interviews, and contributing to a team.

Swyx - Coding Career Handbook

Swyx and I talk coding careers and junior dev expectations.

Zeno Rocha - Habits of Highly Productive Developers

Zeno Rocha and I discuss developer habits and how to improve and grow.

Spencer Allen - Veteran Tech Recruiter

Spencer Allen and I discuss recruiting, hiring managers, and interviewing.