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Ask The Experts w/ Scott Hanselman, Wes Bos, Sarah Drasner, Troy Hunt, and Kent C. Dodds Part 2

Take a journey with Scott Hanselman, Wes Bos, Sarah Drasner, Troy Hunt, and Kent C. Dodds as they answer questions about getting from Junior to Senior!

Ask The Experts w/ Scott Hanselman, Wes Bos, Sarah Drasner, Troy Hunt, and Kent C. Dodds Part 1

Take a journey with Scott Hanselman, Wes Bos, Sarah Drasner, Troy Hunt, and Kent C. Dodds as they answer questions about getting from Junior to Senior!

Aaron Crow - VP of Engineering at SPIDR Tech

Aaron and David talk about the differences of confidence and arrogance, how constant collaboration saves projects, and the beginner mistakes all devs make.

Rand Fitzpatrick - Senior Manager of Product Management at Hashicorp

Rand and David go through motivational mindsets of engineers, positive teamwork skills, and how to frame your career so it best works for you.

James Hush - Lead Engineer at Remo.co

David and James have a lively discussion about the origins of a startup, the differences between corporate and startup life, managing your peer's expectations, and taking ownership of your work.

Daniel Winter - Co-Founder & CTO of Salusion

Daniel and David go on a journey discussing how to build your brand as a developer, aligning your intentions with your work, and the ever-evolving ecosystem of tech.

Lauren Tan - React Data Team Engineer at Facebook

Lauren and David go in-depth about looking beyond code, how experience doesn't correlate to core skills, and how companies can use their hiring process to their advantage.

Keith Hoerling - Founder and CTO of Dimension Software

Keith and David discuss the power of attitude, how thinking like Product can help your career, and how a little more effort in communication can have a profound impact on building your network.

Dave Gullo - Co-Founder, CEO Videate

Dave brings up important aspects of career life in his discussion with David where he discusses the cultivation of skills, the importance of passion and persistence, and some fun stories on how not to do an interview.

Nate Murray - Founder of Newline.co

Nate and David discuss misconceptions about blog posts, qualities of successful devs, as well as healthy habits to achieve your goals.

Amelia Wattenberger - Senior Journalist-Engineer at Polygraph/The Pudding

Amelia and David discuss their career growth paths and how they discovered the careers that work for them, as well as how to stand out from the crowd and find jobs that carry personal importance

Jay Donnell - Sr Director of Software Engineering

Jay recounts his experiences of his early career life, how to deal with failure, and the importance of communication.

Hala Al-Adwan - CTO at dotOrg Technology

Hala and David discuss how to use fear for good, how to set attainable goals, and how to communicate effectively to boost your career.

Val Karpov - Principal Engineer at Booster Fuels, Maintainer of Mongoose.

Val and David reveal key skills that define a senior engineer, how to develop said skills, and how to overcome anxiety in public speaking.

John Shiple - Freelance CTO

John brings us through his history as a developer and touches on learning how to effectively communicate, discover your career path, and develop your community in tech.

Samy Kamkar, co-founder of Openpath Security

Samy brings us on his journey from hacker to security engineer, passion for self projects, and networking at tech events.

Mike Brevoort - Platform Architect at Slack

Mike and David discuss in depth the pros and cons of being in Management vs. an Individual Contributor role, the positive traits of any successful dev, and how developers can keep pace with the rapid progress of technology.

Vinoj Zacharia - Engineering Manager at FloQast

Vinoj dives into his career path from Engineer to Manager, and provides us with valuable information regarding personal projects, hiring tactics, and the emerging reality of company-wide remote work.

Spencer Carney - Engineering Manager at Superstruct.

David and Spencer go in-depth about the responsibilities of a manager, proposing new technology within the workspace, and what it means to be a senior engineer.

Rob Maigret - former CTO of Revver & Co-Founder of DigiSynd

David and Rob go into detail about the most important aspects of a new hire, developing healthy work relationships in the office, and the power of subtle wisdom.

Jon Jandoc - Principal UI Frontend Engineer at Bambee

Jon tells us about his start in tech, the importance of curiosity, and different forms of communication in a project.

Dan Shaw - Godfather of Node.js

David and Dan discuses team dynamics, the positive features of Senior Devs, and facing the fear of failure.

Carter Rabasa - Organizer of Cascadia.js & Founder of FizBuz

David and Carter discuss the genesis of Cascadia.js, life as in Devrel, and the positive impact of empathy.

Jad Meouchy - BadVR Co-Founder

David and Jad go from 0 - 200 miles per hour in this episode about hiring junior devs over seniors, the necessity to think on your feet, and that the interview process lasts longer than you think.

Brandon Harvey - Director of Software Engineering

Brandon Harvey talks through his career of personal development, personal accountability, and aligning yourself with the right company.

Ben Wilhelm - Bootcamp Graduate Mentor

David and Ben traverse the options an early-stage engineer, point out positive and negative learning patterns, and talk about career direction.

Chris Ferdinandi - Web Developer & Author

David and Chris discuss the pros and cons of the networking process, the benefits of working from home, and how people can transition from one career to web development.

Thomas Wadsworth - Product Management

David and Thomas discuss the relationship between product and engineering, importance of communication, and the role of company core values.

Eric Gradman - CTO, Inventor, Artist

David and Eric discuss side projects, being a generalist, and the value of adaptability and learning quickly.

Andy Burke - Fintech CTO

David and Andy Burke take a trip through FinTech, the state of the game industry, and discuss how a Junior Dev can utilize their state of mind to make an interview work for them.