Ask The Experts w/ Scott Hanselman, Wes Bos, Sarah Drasner, Troy Hunt, and Kent C. Dodds Part 3

Take a journey with Scott Hanselman, Wes Bos, Sarah Drasner, Troy Hunt, and Kent C. Dodds as they answer questions about getting from Junior to Senior!
Scott Hanselman
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Wes Bos
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Sarah Drasner
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Troy Hunt
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Kent C. Dodds
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Talking Points:
  • Scaling Skill
  • Constructing Experience
  • Intentional Specialization
  • Focusing on the Future
Quotable Quotes:
  • "Expose yourself to more problems if you want more experience." - Kent C. Dodds
  • "Build before a failure even happens." - Sarah Drasner
  • "JavaScript especially is useful because I can do whatever I want." - Kent C. Dodds
  • "If you can absolutely slam dunk some topic ... then absolutely you should be a specialist at that." - Wes Bos
  • "Security is something that I can't see declining in any foreseeable time in the future." - Troy Hunt
  • "Really good generalists with an understanding of historical contexts will always be helpful." - Scott Hanselman
  • "We have no idea what tech will look like in 10 years." - Wes Bos
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