Jay Donnell - Sr Director of Software Engineering

Jay recounts his experiences of his early career life, how to deal with failure, and the importance of communication.
Talking Points:
  • Early Career Paths
  • Problem Solving
  • New Job Nervousness
  • Learning From Failure
  • The Empathy Element
  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Demand for Junior Developers
Quotable Quotes:
  • “In reality [ choosing your first job ] isn’t an existential crisis.” - JD
  • “You are constantly faced with problems that you don’t know that answers to and that’s normal.” - JD
  • “Write [ your problem ] down formally, write out the steps that you took to solve the problem. … If you think you’ve done enough to solve it and you still can’t, then reach out to others.” - JD
  • “Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t be afraid to jump into something that’s a stretch.” - JD
  • “If you find yourself making the mistake, again and again, you’re probably doing something wrong.” - JD
  • “Don’t fear making mistakes, just make sure that you learn from them and don’t repeat them.” - JD
  • “[ As a manager ] you become more of a people person than a tech person.” - JD
  • “Communication, Communication, Communication.” - JD
  • “You can be the deepest expert in a topic, but if you can’t effectively transfer that knowledge out to the rest of the human organization, it’s not adding the value it could add.” - JD
  • “Ultimately, it’s all trial and error with things you want to get better at.” - JD
  • “When you’re online learning programming, you’re seeing some of the best programmers in the world. And they do not apply to the jobs that you’re applying to.” - JD
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