Samy Kamkar, co-founder of Openpath Security

Samy brings us on his journey from hacker to security engineer, passion for self projects, and networking at tech events.
Talking Points:
  • Engineering Team Organization
  • Networking at Tech Events
  • Personal Meaning in Side Projects 
  • Accessibility of Side Projects
  • Importance of Public Speaking Skills
Quotable Quotes:
  • “It’s really good to join one if these communities and share what you are working on because it’s a great way for people working on similar and really cool projects find you.” - DG
  • “It’s very hard to be good at something and deliver good results if you’re spending a lot of time with something you don’t enjoy, or just don’t have a lot of passion for.” - DG
  • “Don’t do a side project just to do a side project, because that’s obvious.” - SK
  • “I smile when I hear other people talking about something that they really enjoy, even if I don’t know about it.” - SK
  • “If they are passionate on something that briefly touches on something that I am hiring for, I’m interested.” - SK
  • “A little bit of effort [ making your project accessible ] can go a long way of getting noticed.” -DG
  • “Your passion will come out [ in the projects that you work on].” - SK
  • “People want to hear the things that you are interested in. People want to help.” - SK
  • "There are so many libraries or frameworks that make documentation easy!" - SK
  • "If you want to get your project out there, get hired, or find like-minded people. I would suggest [ writing documentation ]." - SK
  • “Being able to frame your ideas or document what you’ve done or advocate for a position in a clear way is really valuable.” - DG
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