Chris Ferdinandi - Web Developer & Author

Listen along with Chris and I as we discuss the pros and cons of the networking process, the benefits of working from home, and how people can transition from one career to web development.

Talking Points
  • Learn how Chris switched careers from HR to Development.
  • Most important aspects of learning programming.
  • The networking experience.
  • Good talking points to start networking with people.
  • Importance of understanding the hiring process from the hiring manager’s point of view.
  • Tips and tricks that will help you land your first job.
  • Should you get any job in tech or find where you fit? And how do you find that fit?
  • Red and green flags to look for when applying to a job.
  • Working in office vs working from home.

Quotable Quotes
  • “[Becoming a Junior Dev] really can be much simpler than — broadly speaking — what the internet wants people to believe.” - DG
  • “I hit a point where I was enjoying the tech-web stuff way more than the HR stuff. And that’s when I decided that I wanted to do it for the rest of my career life.” - CF
  • “Learning momentum is such an important part of the [ learning ] process.” - CF
  • “The most important thing I learned from my dad about career stuff is the importance of networking.” - CF
  • “[Networking] bothers my sense of fairness.” - CF
  • “All the questions or many of them that you have about career stuff can be done through networking.” - CF
  • “Job boards just suck. They are the absolute worst way to find a job.” - CF
  • “I don’t think employers realize.…how much it benefits the company when you are remote.” - CF


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