Spencer Carney - Engineering Manager at Superstruct.

David and Spencer go in-depth about the responsibilities of a manager, proposing new technology within the workspace, and what it means to be a senior engineer.
Talking Points:
  • Leadership opportunities within a team
  • Addressing problems as a manager
  • Team-building responsibilities as a manager
  • Build your responsibility in a team as a junior dev
  • Introducing new technologies to a team
  • Definition of “Seniority”
  • Managing a team with your previous experience
Quotable Quotes:
  • “A big motivator [ to become a manager ] for me was that I do not want to be as bad as some of the bosses I have unfortunately worked under.” - SC
  •  “One of the most important things to realize when leading a team is that you don’t have to be the person to solve the problem.” - DG
  • “Not only is it ok that you can’t solve everything, but it’s also ok if you have others … who couldn’t solve it as well as you could.” - SC
  • “There’s a big difference between getting the problem solved right now or investing in the team/company so that problems can be solved faster in the future.” - DG
  • “You can also have someone else not only learn that skill but also take the win.” - SC
  • “I want the team to be successful, I don’t want Spencer to be successful.” - SC
  • “Being proactive and solving the problems nobody else wanted to solve helped me get noticed.” - SC
  • “You can’t just stop doing the work, you have to advocate for it, you have to educate, you have to show people [ the pros and cons ].” - SC
  • “You don’t want to put people in a place where they are now stuck with a decision that costs the company time.” - SC
  • “There’s a balance of doing it right or do it right now.” - SC
  • “As long as an engineer is aware of what is important and where the values are for any particular project, they’ll have a lot more success pitching [ a new technology ].” - DG
  • “One of the qualities that really make a Senior Engineer is actually being able to model how other engineers are going to react to something.” - DG
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