Brian 'Redbeard' Harrington - Chief Architect at CoreOS

David and Redbeard talk about developing your personal network through core communities, how teaching can improve your own knowledge, and that genuine conversation can lead to some amazing opportunities.
Talking Points:
  • Balancing Skill and Opportunity
  • Asking Questions Effectively
  • Foundational Learning Skills
  • Consulting Career Aspects
  • Developing Your Personal Network
  • Genuine Conversation
  • Learning Via Teaching
  • Interviewing For The Team
Quotable Quotes:
  • “The team saw that I was going to do the research before asking a question, even if it’s a dumb question.” - BH
  • “One of the best skills that you can develop in your early career is balancing that fear of asking questions with developing a sense of vulnerability.” - BH
  • “Take the path of most resistance and feel good when you arrive.” - BH
  • “Get good at memory and pattern recognition.” - BH
  • “If you’re genuinely interested in solving the problems that a person has or willing to find things to be fascinated in the things they’re trying to do, a lot of beneficial conversations can happen.” - BH
  • “Teaching is a way to solidify your own understanding.” - BH
  • “Having a good job and being on a good team means more than writing beautiful code.” - DG
  • “If you can take a complex topic and break it down into simple topics for others to understand that, that’s critical.” - BH
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