John Shiple - Freelance CTO

John brings us through his history as a developer and touches on learning how to effectively communicate, discover your career path, and develop your community in tech.
Talking Points:
  • Importance of Building Your Community
  • Training and Cross-Training
  • Getting Your First Job
  • Specifying Your Job
  • Networking Tips
  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Dealing With Social Anxiety
  • Involving Yourself In Events
Quotable Quotes:
  • “I think Computer Science degrees used to be a very big deal, I do not believe that anymore.” - JS
  • “It has never been easier [ to become a software developer ] and it has never been more challenging.” - JS
  • “If your job has the word ‘lead’ in it, if you’re a Tech Lead, you’re the project manager.” - JS
  • “Just because I know how to build it, doesn’t mean I should be the person to design it.” - JS
  • “As a tech person, you’re never really trained in Management. You have to go out there and get it.” - JS
  • “When you have a job already, finding other jobs is easy. But when you are first starting out it is hard.” - JS
  • “Do not present school projects as work [ on your portfolio ].” - JS
  • “Connecting people is a really good skill.” - JS
  • “Look for mentorship wherever you can.” - JS
  • “Find ways that you’re comfortable going [ to tech events ].” - JS
  • “The tech doesn’t matter, the people matter.”  - JS
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