Jad Meouchy - BadVR Co-Founder

David and Jad go from 0 - 200 miles per hour in this episode about hiring junior devs over seniors, the necessity to think on your feet, and that the interview process lasts longer than you think.
Talking Points:
  • Find opportunity by listening
  • Junior Devs and their fresh approach
  •  Interview questioning techniques
  • Technical Process vs Output
  • Onboarding at BAD VR
  • Forms of documentation
Quotable Quotes:
  • “I heard a problem and I offered a solution.” - JM
  • “I like the concept of hiring people who are really well experienced, but I like the reality of hiring people who are demonstrating excitement, passion, self-learning.” - JM
  • “If they have a fundamental understanding of how technology works, or how coding is done, it doesn’t really matter what experience or what languages they have experience in if they are willing to explore this new world that we are seeking out.” - JM
  • “I prefer juniors now, because they approach something with an open mind.” - JM
  • “If you just have willingness to learn things continuously, thats the right characteristic or one of the right ones to have to having a career in this industry.” - JM
  • “We’re looking for HOW they answer the question, not what the answer is.” - JM
  • “It’s the few week of work, ,so it’s us testing them out, almost still part of the interview.” - JM
  • “Sometimes the product, if done really well, can be a form of documentation.” - JM
  • “If you make it a goal to have a codebase that is readable without comments, I think that is almost better [ than a codebase that needs comments ]” - DG
  • “Needing a lot of documentation may be a bad sign.” - DG
  • “More than anything, get comfortable with getting to know someone through a video screen.” - JM
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