About The Show

Junior to Senior is a weekly show for ambitious devs who want to take their careers to the next level. We provide real talk from tech leads, senior engineers, CTOs, product managers, and other tech professionals.

Hear stories from people working with technology in production. Find out what actually matters as a professional -- not just what people want to promote on Medium.

About The Community

As a companion to the show we have an invitation-only group-based mentoring community. This is a private slack to ask questions, work through any work-related or interview challenges, and discuss best practices. There are regular zoom calls for more in-depth topics, Q&A, and guest speakers.

About The Host

David is a leader in the tech community and runs one of the largest JavaScript events in the country: js.la. This event draws world-famous speakers such as Ryan Dahl and Kyle Matthews and rising stars from the LA tech community, and regularly has standing-room only for its hundreds of attendees -- filling up large venues such as Google's main stage in Venice. Additionally, he runs the official Node.js Mentorship Team and the Los Angeles chapter of NodeSchool.

David is the author of two popular JavaScript books: Fullstack React and Fullstack Node.js and many widely-used open-source projects. He has over 90 open-source packages on npm and over 130 repositories on Github. David has given talks at many tech events and conferences like JSConf and JSFest.

As a CTO and software architect, David has led teams of engineers to ship projects like ultra-high-scale ad servers handling over 10 billion requests per day, online learning systems, white-label performance marketing SAAS platforms, and Project Matterhorn, the system that would eventually become Disney.com.