Dave Gullo - Co-Founder, CEO Videate

Dave brings up important aspects of career life in his discussion with David where he discusses the cultivation of skills, the importance of passion and persistence, and some fun stories on how not to do an interview.
Talking Points:
  • Thinking Constructively
  • Applied Learning
  • Power of Perseverance 
  • Cultivating Skills
  • Lateral Career Paths
  • Different Company Environments
  • Negative Interview Traits
  • Junior Dev and Senior Dev core differences
  • Getting the most out of 1-on-1s
Quotable Quotes:
  • “Know what corners to cut and when.” DG
  • “At every step [ through learning ] there was always an extra goal.” DG
  • “I never worked or hacked on anything I didn’t think was fun first.” - DG
  • “You want people to be stoked about their work.” - DG
  • “My goal is to build these environments where people are challenged outside their comfort level.” - DG
  • “There are a bunch of laterals in your career path that not enough people realize [ especially Junior Devs].” - DG
  • “If someone can talk your ear off about something that they did in the past year, I want to talk to that person.” - DG
  • “Take ownership of your own growth at the company.” - DG
  • “Some of the best engineers and most industrious engineers I have worked with growth-wise, were super motivated [ to achieve their goals ].” -  DG
  • “Life is driven by a lot of unreasonable requests.” - DG
Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
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