Aaron Crow - VP of Engineering at SPIDR Tech

Aaron and David talk about the differences of confidence and arrogance, how constant collaboration saves projects, and the beginner mistakes all devs make.
Talking Points:
  • Leadership Values
  • Illusions of Correctness
  • Common Beginner Mistakes
  • Valuable Technical Skills
  • Learnable, “Innate” Skills
  • Being Relentlessly Collaborative
  • Value of Failure
Quotable Quotes:
  • “If I changed my attitude about things, I could actually contribute as a leader.” - AC
  • “At the beginning of our careers, for all of us, there is so much that we don’t know.” - AC
  • “Confidence without the experience to back it up is arrogance.” -AC
  • “[Be careful and try to be aware] if you are hyperfocused on one topic.” -AC
  • “There is always the chance that you’ll push someone too fast and cause them to burnout.” -AC
  • “You want the business folk to own and define the “why” and then give that to the Tech Lead.” -AC
  • “We can agree that we like to see people that are constantly challenging themselves.” - AC
  • “When something goes wrong, are we taking ownership of it?” -AC
  • “Improvement comes from learning and learning comes from feedback loops.” - DG
Aaron’s LinkedIn:
Junior to Senior Community