Hala Al-Adwan - CTO at dotOrg Technology

Hala and David discuss how to use fear for good, how to set attainable goals, and how to communicate effectively to boost your career.
Talking Points: 
  • Critical Skills
  • Analyzing Fear
  • Leveling at Companies
  • Setting Goals
  • Team Collaboration
  • Situational Conversation
  • Remote Onboarding
Quotable Quotes: 
  • “Fear is not something to be taken lightly … make friends with it … evaluate it.” - HA
  • “Growth is not comfortable.” - DG
  • “Is this the right fear or is it just a fear that is holding me back from recognizing my net opportunity?” - HA
  • “Impatience, in its own way, becomes an obstacle.” - HA
  • “[ Admitting when you don’t know something ] is the sign of a more Senior Engineer.” - HA
  • “Why is an engineer looking to get promoted? What is their driver? … What does that promotion actually mean?” - HA
  • “It’s important to have goals, it helps you structure how you want to move forward and what to focus on.” - HA
  • “Your product is a reflection of your organization, and I think great organizations have great products.” - HA
  • “There is no one-size-fits-all, every situation has its own need.” - HA
  • “Junior engineers have so much opportunity in front of them.” - HA
  • “It’s a challenging time with companies being remote, to start your career as a junior engineer.” - HA
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