Rob Maigret - former CTO of Revver & Co-Founder of DigiSynd

David and Rob go into detail about the most important aspects of a new hire, developing healthy work relationships in the office, and the power of subtle wisdom.
Talking Points:
  • Hirable traits of developers
  • Failure is a tool
  • Distinguishing expectations of interviewers
  • The balance of talent in a team
  • Visibility at work as a developer
  • Boundaries in the workplace
  • Developing healthy relationships in the workspace
  • Importance of empathy
  • Power in subtle wisdom
Quotable Quotes:
  • “I don’t think people hire people that they don’t want to be friends with or hang out with.” - RM
  • “If [ working at your job ] is just to make a buck and you don’t care, that’s going to infect everything.” - RM
  • “When you’re starting off in your career, your success to failure ratio is very much weighted to failure.” - RM
  • “I didn’t come out and do something for the first time and expect to be paid or treated like I had done it 100 times.” - RM
  • “People need to be exited that they’re allowed to fail when they’re young.” - RM
  • “If you remove the pressure of the test and allow the person to be looser, you come to see who they are.” - RM
  • “We’re trying to connect, especially people who are trying to figure out the rules of how they fit into this world are looking for a connection. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.” - RM
  • “I like the idea of people being accessible within reason.” - RM
  • “You can tell when you look at a product if the [developer] really was empathetic about the person who was going to use it or not.” - RM
  • “Empathy allows you to have great relationships and communicate in a way that’s fulfilling for all parties.” - RM
  • “We can’t ask these things from our team if we’re not willing to practice them ourselves.” - RM
  • “If I knew the value of wisdom when I was 25, I could have skipped 10 years of career mistakes.” - RM
  • “Everybody is trying to prove how successful they are and how smart they are, and the world has become this really interesting place where it's a bragathon. But where is the subtle wisdom?” - RM
  • “For the people who are early in their career, there is a long list of people out there who will help you. You don’t have to do it alone.” - RM
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