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David Guttman - Hiatus

David thanks you for listening, hopes you take your career to the next level, and talks about the disadvantage that Juniors developers have

Avi Press - Founder & CEO at Scarf

Avi and David talk about promoting and contributing to open-source projects, networking, and the founder’s mindset

Junior's Journey w/ Jose Mendoza - Freelance Web Developer

Jose and David talk about avoiding burnout, finding career goals, helping others, and learning while having fun

David Guttman - JTS Community Q&A 1

David answers how to demonstrate you are capable, how to provide value to a company and how to make an employer trust you enough for taking a chance on you

Justin Dorfman - Open Source Program Manager at Reblaze, Co-Founder at SustainOSS

Justin and David talk about how could you become a successful developer, approaching mistakes and contributing to open-source

Alex Hughes - Engineering Manager at Eurekasoft

Alex and David talk about the importance of networking, communication, and accountability as a developer

Swizec Teller - Senior Software Engineer at Tia

Swizec and David talk about the key differences between Junior devs and senior devs, the concept of a 10x engineer, and different ways to gain experience quickly.

James M Snell - System Engineer at CloudFlare

James and David talk about learning new codebases, avoiding burnout, and being a humble programmer

Gene Chuang - Chief Slacker at CTO Slackers, Board Of Directors at Innovate Pasadena, Limited Partner Investor at Hyphen Capital

Gene and David talk about the skill of communicating, writing maintainable code, and aligning yourself with the priorities of your company

Seth Purcell - Co-Founder and CEO at Constructor

David and Seth talk about not being afraid to ask stupid questions, falling in love with the problem and not the solution, and good ideas can come from junior developers

Nick Dies - Co-Founder, Partner, Partnerships Director at Funkhaus

Nick and David talk about interview preparation, putting yourself in the user's shoes, and culture fit

David Subar - Chief Product Officer, Chief Technology Officer at Interna

David and David talk about providing value for your customers, how to know if you are providing value, and being a good engineer.

Scott Decker - SVP Of Technology, VP of Product Engineering at Nexstar Media Inc.

Scott and David talk about the different stages of a developer, being a problem solver, and finding your niche early in your career

Tyler Bushnell - CEO at Polycade

David and Tyler talk about not needing permission to pursue ideas, learning from the development community, and working well with a team.

Drew Baker - Founder, Technical Director at Funkhaus

David and Drew talk about being creative as a developer, finding your niche, and solving problems that free up time.

Jonathan Stark - President at Jonathan Stark Consulting

Jonathan and David talk about making your boss look good, how to use your skills and passions, and focusing on the outcome.

Erick Herring - CTO at Vynyl

Erick and David talk about surrounding yourself with good people, culture fit, and the hiring process.

Pirijan - Creator of Kinopio.club and co-creator of Glitch.com

David and Pirijan discuss good communication, when to prioritize performance, and having empathy for the user.

Justin Higgins - Founder at 24hourhomepage.com

Justin and David talk about humble communication, constrained creativity, and self evaluation.

Erin Mckean - Developer Relations Program Manager at Google

David and Erin discuss having a mindset of learning with joy, being comfortable with asking 'dumb' questions, and defining clear goals

Gregor Martynus - Maintainer of the JavaScript Octokit, GitHub's official JavaScript SDK

David and Gregor discuss building and maintaining open-source software, how to be a valuable asset to your team, and growing through communication.

TJ Kinion - Program Manager, Career Services Director, Director of Admissions at LearningFuze

TJ and David talk about things you must expect in an interview, setting yourself apart as a junior developer, demystifying job postings, and emphasizing the soft skill...

Jacob Thornton - Sr. Staff Software Engineer at Coinbase

David and Jacob talk about why Bootstrap was created, building open-source software, the web development scene in the early 2000's and how to learn quickly.

Sam Sweeney - Senior Software Engineer at Trivvy, Google, Uber, Wealthfront

David and Sam talk about working at Google, Uber, and Wealthfront, utilizing boring technology, how to practice for interviews and adding skills that will help you in ...

Tracy Lee - CEO at This Dot Labs, Modern Web Experts

Tracy and David talk about helping the software community, the benefits of helping, what Tracy looks for in a junior developer, and how to grow as a developer.

Nader Dabit - Developer Relations at Edge & Node

Nader and David talk about overcoming the intimidation of learning new languages and frameworks, the software community, and what the traits are of a good team member

Jim Bumgardner - Senior Engineer at California Office of Digital Innovation

David and Jim talk about software engineering at Disney, how to utilize frameworks, not being afraid to ask stupid questions in the workplace, and how to not get stuck...

Thom Meredith - Partner, Director of Technology at Kley

David and Thom discuss key points to progress your career, the abstraction of careers, and the best traits a junior dev can have.

Matt Pinner - Software Engineer at Amazon

Matt and David talk about building your community, finding passion in your freelance work, and utilizing your professional experience to grow your career.

Kent C. Dodds - Software Engineer Educator at Kent C. Dodds Tech

Kent goes through his journey from full-time software engineer to full-time SE educator, the mindset of a junior dev, ways to solidify one's knowledge, and best ways ...