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Ben Wilhelm - Bootcamp Graduate Mentor

Listen in on the discussions of Ben Wilhelm and David Guttman as they traverse the options an early-stage engineer, point out positive and negative learning patterns, and talk about career direction.

Chris Ferdinandi - Web Developer & Author

Listen along with Chris and I as we discuss the pros and cons of the networking process, the benefits of working from home, and how people can transition from one career to web development.

Thomas Wadsworth - Product Management

Thomas and I discuss the relationship between product and engineering, importance of communication, and the role of company core values.

Eric Gradman - CTO, Inventor, Artist

Eric and I discuss side projects, being a generalist, and the value of adaptability and learning quickly.

Andy Burke - Fintech CTO

Andy Burke and I take a trip through FinTech, the state of the game industry, and discuss how a Junior Dev can utilize their state of mind to make an interview work for them.

Ben Junya - Lead Front-End Engineer

Ben and I discuss being a creator, communication skills, and the importance of constructive disagreements.

Angus Perkerson - Senior Software Engineer at REX

Angus and I discuss career development, interviews, and contributing to a team.

Swyx - Coding Career Handbook

Swyx and I talk coding careers and junior dev expectations.

Zeno Rocha - Habits of Highly Productive Developers

Zeno Rocha and I discuss developer habits and how to improve and grow.

Spencer Allen - Veteran Tech Recruiter

Spencer Allen and I discuss recruiting, hiring managers, and interviewing.