Tracy Lee - CEO at This Dot Labs, Modern Web Experts

Tracy and David talk about helping the software community, the benefits of helping, what Tracy looks for in a junior developer, and how to grow as a developer.
Talking Points:
  • Software community activities
  • Positive traits of a Junior Dev
  • The value of authenticity in interviews
  • Setting intentional career goals
  • Knowing when to ask for help
Quotable Quotes:
  • "How do I become the best developer? How do I build the best product? You ask the people who created them and it's 'I was just trying to solve one problem.'" - TL
  • "I would encourage everyone to just do what they want and what they are passionate about, cause that's also where sustainable things happen." - TL
  • "Anything you do out in the community is generally just beneficial for your career." - TL
  • "You don't have to be a senior developer to want to teach, learn and be humble." - TL
  • "Be really intentional about the things that you do accept doing and make sure to push back where you need to because developing your skills as a developer if that's your desire, is really important to continue to do." - TL
  • "A junior developer will find a problem and maybe they'll spend eight hours on it and that was a 10-minute fix. If you don't speak up, you're not going to learn as fast." - TL
  • "Probably as a junior, asking how to fish and learning how to fish, not just getting the answer, is going to be really important." - TL
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