Justin Dorfman - Open Source Program Manager at Reblaze, Co-Founder at SustainOSS

Justin and David talk about how could you become a successful developer, approaching mistakes and contributing to open-source
Talking Points:
  • How could you become a successful developer
  • Approaching mistakes
  • Choosing a supportive environment
  • Contributing to open-source
  • Techniques to prevent mistakes
Quotable Quotes:
  • "Finding what you're great at" [to become successful] – JD
  • "It's not all about just engineering" [but working with people, different teams] – JD
  • "You're gonna fail and you're gonna screw up, sometimes big time" [Junior devs] – JD
  • "From a management point of view, it really shouldn't be about the individual developer who makes the mistake and causes an outage, it should be more about the system that allows it to happen" – DG
  • "Start contributing to open-source and get in some of your patches merged into the main branch and you'll be surprised how many recruiters try to hit you up on LinkedIn" – JD
  • "Finding little tiny things that could be fixed so you get that adrenaline rush" [when starting to contribute to open-source projects] – JD
  • "You gotta understand, maintainers are dealing with so much" [don't take things personal] – JD
  • "You're able to move up because you learn from the past" – JD
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