Gene Chuang - Chief Slacker @ CTO Slackers, Board Of Directors @ Innovate Pasadena, Limited Partner Investor @ Hyphen Capital

Gene and David talk about the skill of communicating, writing maintainable code, and aligning yourself with the priorities of your company

Talking Points:
  • Figuring out your career path
  • Learning to code
  • Working in a team setting
  • The skill of communicating
  • What makes a good engineer
Quotable Quotes:
  • “Handoff your code so that somebody else can maintain it.” - GC
  • “I strongly encourage all junior engineers to work in at least a mid-sized to a large-sized company.” - GC
  • “One key skillset an engineer must have is communication.” - GC
  • “The easiest way to do that [align yourself to the priority of the company] is align yourself with the bug priority list.” - GC
  • “You don't want engineers who become complacent, they produce so many bugs.” - GC
  • “That's very important, that you're always learning.” - GC
  • “You should always be assessing yourself.” - GC

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