Seth Purcell - Co-Founder and CEO at Constructor

David and Seth talk about not being afraid to ask stupid questions, falling in love with the problem and not the solution, and good ideas can come from junior developers
Talking Points:
  • Code as a means to an end
  • Focusing on the business problem
  • Building business value
  • The alignment of goals within an organization
  • Not being afraid to ask stupid questions
Quotable Quotes:
  • “In our culture, we build businesses...we happen to use code most of the time.” - SP
  • “Do you want to succeed or have fun?” - SP
  • “Culture is what you do, not what you say you do.” - SP
  • “Make sure you really understand the problem [that your team is] trying to solve.” - SP
  • “The best people are completely willing to ask stupid questions all the time.” - SP
  • “I think that the biggest mistake of junior engineers is being intimidated [to ask questions].”  - SP
  • “Good [or bad] ideas can come from anywhere [from junior or senior].”  - SP
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