Scott Decker - SVP Of Technology, VP of Product Engineering at Nexstar Media Inc.

Scott and David talk about the different stages of a developer, being a problem solver, and finding your niche early in your career
Talking Points:
  • The different stages of a developer
  • Thinking about where you want to go
  • Find what you enjoy doing early in your career
  • Do you want to be a manager or a single contributor
  • Learning from costly mistakes
Quotable Quotes:
  • “Where do you want to go?” - SD
  • “You want to grow and you want to think, how did they get to where they're at and make that happen.” - SD
  • “At the earliest start be picky about what you're trying to do.” - SD
  • “My biggest thing that I can ask you is to be a problem solver.” - SD
  • “Keep encouraging yourself to take little steps ahead.” - SD
  • “Your skill level has nothing really to do with your degree.”  - SD
  • "As early as you can try testing your own career with that kind of stuff [being a manager or single contributor], you'll find that way better." - SD
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