Erin Mckean - Developer Relations Program Manager at Google

David and Erin discuss having a mindset of learning with joy, being comfortable with asking 'dumb' questions, and defining clear goals
Talking Points:
  • Developer advocacy
  • Write good documentation
  • Confusing the solution with the problem
  • Define clear goals
  • Learning with joy
Quotable Quotes:
  • "Does this solve a problem that everybody agrees is an actual problem?" - EM
  • "Whenever you've run into problems, it's probably a goal problem." - EM
  • "When you don't know what you want a function to do it can be really hard to write that function." - EM
  • "A lot of people just don't like to close off possibilities so they want to do everything all at once." - EM
  • "You can't ever make yourself irreplaceable, you can only make yourself a single point of failure." - EM
  • "You really have to practice being okay with feeling dumb." - EM
  • "You should always be looking to figure out how you can bring other people into your circle instead of keeping people out." - EM
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