Matt Pinner - Software Engineer at Amazon

Matt and David talk about building your community, finding passion in your freelance work, and utilizing your professional experience to grow your career.
Talking Points:
  • Community Building
  • Hireable Traits
  • Value of Production Environment Experience
  • Non-traditional Work Experiences
  • Getting Paid to Learn
  • Utilizing Experience to Grow Your Career
Quotable Quotes:
  • “QA has been a great way to get started [in tech.]” - MP
  • “Now is the best time to be a part of large group projects.” - MP
  • “There’s a creative revival coming out of post-COVID life.” - MP
  • “I saw [freelancing] as an opportunity to inject new ideas and tools into the space.” - MP
  • “I was able to get paid to learn.” - MP
  • “You have a lot of power, probably a lot more than you know.” - MP
  • “When you think you have 10% left, you have 90% left” - MP
  • “As you get experience you’re delivering smaller and smaller commits.” - MP
  • “To show what you’re thinking, show something that’s broken.” - MP
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