Alex Hughes - Engineering Manager at Eurekasoft

Alex and David talk about the importance of networking, communication, and accountability as a developer
Talking Points:
  • Importance of networking
  • Communication
  • Managing teams
  • How to ask questions
  • Understanding the approaches
  • Daily habits
  • Accountability
Quotable Quotes:
  • "I think both of them are essential for people coming out of bootcamps or colleges" [networking and communication] - AH
  • "It's a huge advantage to have a conversation with somebody like that, in an informal setting before you head down the formal path of applying" - DG
  • "Networking isn't about just getting a job, it's about making connections, it's about making meaningful relationships with people" - AH
  • "If I wasn't a tech lead, if I was just an individual contributor, getting contacts, understanding the roles of my team-mates and communicating with my manager would be a primary focus for me" - AH
  • "Focus on the process, on giving people contacts to the process and also being in a constant level of upwards optimization or efficiency" - AH
  • "If you were in a 1 on 1 with me and there's an issue that you wanted to talk about, you have to think about what is the issue, what have I done to try to solve it, who I've talked to, what does the issue do, how does it affect the environment that we're in and is there time limit to this?" - AH
  • "They are never going to get stronger if you keep lifting the weights for them" - DG
  • "The ideal [question] is one that promotes confidence in your understanding about the issue" - AH
  • "State the issue in a comprehensive way and list the things that you've tried in order to figure it out" - AH
  • "Any question that you have is [a good opportunity] to show that you understand what the question actually is" - AH
  • "To see somebody come in with 'everything is good' is not a good sign" - AH
  • "Lead by example" - AH
  • "I like to see developers create a plan for the day and that plan includes all of the different tasks that they are going to do" - AH
  • "Owning your mistakes and learning from them is key" - AH
  • "You just can't get better without making mistakes" - DG
  • "Ask questions until you don't have to ask questions anymore" - AH
  • "Skill does not come from ego, it comes from the work that you put in" - AH
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