Dan Shaw - Godfather of Node.js

David and Dan discuses team dynamics, the positive features of Senior Devs, and facing the fear of failure.
Featuring Dan Shaw, The Godfather of Node.js and Co-Founder of COR.

Talking Points:
  • Qualities of a Senior Developer
  • Important Team Traits
  • Empathy before Technical Skills
  • Benefits of both Freelance and Teamwork
  • Learning from failure
Quotable Quotes: 
  • “The most remarkable thing about a senior developer is the level of focus they have.” - DS
  • “Seeing a mid-tier developer level-up because they’re surrounded by experts was incredible.” - DS
  • “In Node.js’ case, the limiting factor is language proficiency, not Junior or Senior.” - DS
  • “When you are building a team, you need a mix of specialists and generalists to really fill things out.” - DS
  • “A senior developer is an individual in your organization that is able not only deliver their own work but also make other people’s work better.” - DS
  • “The hardest part as an expert is knowing something that you don’t know.” - DS
  • “Having the humility to admit when you don’t know and seek out help when you aren’t able to satisfy the needs of the team constitutes a healthy team to me.” - DS
  • “You can train technical skill, but training empathetic skill … comes through life’s pain.” - DS
  • “Try to find folks that have a good baseline that are willing to learn, and build on that. The rest of the technical skills? That’s really time under fire and the opportunity to make enough mistakes.” - DS
  • “So much of what really gets you to solving a problem is understanding the problem.” - DS
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