Spencer Allen - Veteran Tech Recruiter

Spencer Allen and I discuss recruiting, hiring managers, and interviewing.

Featuring Spencer Allen, js.la co-organizer and veteran tech recruiter

Talking Points

  • The path to get to where a recruiter is seeking you out
  • What hiring managers are looking for
  • How to send the right signals to hiring managers
  • How to communicate effectively in an interview
  • Preparing for an interview
  • How to know if a company is an engineering culture dumpster fire
  • The role of nervousness in an interview
  • What good hiring managers do
  • The right path for a code school grad / new developer
  • How to approach tech meetups when looking for a job

Quotable Quotes

  • “Building tools and using them yourself is the hallmark of a great developer.” -- DG
  • “Your path for trying to understand the developers and engineers you were trying to recruit is identical to the path that I recommend any junior developer or new developer taking” -- DG
  • “Making sure that I’m adding value whenever I can -- a lot of the conversations that I have are as a sounding board and just having coffee.” -- SA
  • “There’s a trope with junior developers where I’m waiting for them to ask me if I have any jobs for them.” -- SA
  • “Time is such a negative resource for hiring managers. They’re working as hard as they can to find that person to fill a job -- and that’s in addition to their job.” -- SA
  • “Communication is one of the most difficult things in a software engineering team. Technical challenges get a run for their money for the people challenges you face in an organization.” -- SA
  • “To be interested is interesting. To be bored is boring.” -- SA
  • “Communication, being coachable, those are skills that are worth their weight in gold.” -- DG
  • “What you’re doing here is selling yourself. A resume is a sales document that’s intended to get an interview. An interview is you showing up and selling yourself.” -- SA
  • “Establish yourself as a known quantity.” -- SA


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